Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Big Chill

Ok been gone a few days--stupid laptop zonked out on me (and on my second rez day too)! But of course no one misses me so I'm not going to get sentimental here, just that my pics, well they are pretty bad today (so what's new ..yeah don't rub it in) and I'm just going to put all the blame on this reject of a pc I'm using which has been the family's extra foot-stool till now-- I mean, I know my pics aren't that good in the first place, but for sanity's sake, from now on I'm just gonna post whatever I think is presentable enough (and from my heart of course) 'coz I don't think I'll ever catch up with the really good photographers anyways, and tutorials, though I'm grateful for them, somehow just make me feel even more inferior *weary smile*..sighs, so here goes:

In all pics:
Dresses: Urban Chill Mini Dresses from Klam Design--99L (for a set of 4 colours)
Hair: Famous Hair (includes hair accessory) from MonS--75L

Bracelets: Arm Candy from Simply Beau--group gift
Fur Collar: from Gallery&Cafe-free

Bracelets: Strawberry bracelets from Cutemurder--1L
Earrings: Heart Beat Earrings from Cutemurder--free
Choker: Rose Choker from Hudson's--group gift

Necklace: Ribbon Necklace from LoQ--group gift
Bracelet: Black Lace Dreams Beaded Bracelet from Lurve--free

Necklace and Earrings: MaiTai DarkBloom from Bliensen--free

K, now time for me to chillllllllllllllll..


  1. So many complains, in one blog, and I thought that I am the one complaining. Sorry to snap you back to reality my dear - your blog is amazing, your pictures are beautiful and you are gorgeous both Rl and to some degree also in SL.


  2. LOL Erwin, thought I looked WAY better in SL!! Anyways thanks for being my best supporter dearie, though I know you're biased of course :-)))xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I AM objective !!! and you know it, you look way better than your avatar well except for the eyes that yours are brown and the avatar is blue, and I told you many times already to replace your RL eye color!!!


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