Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dress: Lise Teal from Elate at The Starlust Motel--free (includes other freebies from Elate)
Flats: Ellie from Baby Monkey--lucky chair gift
Necklace: Ball Necklace (includes matching bracelet) from Izumiya--free
Bracelet (R): Augmentation Bronze/Green from Mariposa--free
Bracelet (L): Wooden Bracelet from YS&YS--free
Hair: Wakana from D!va

Dress: Kali from Amoenus Creations & Dafne Boutique--1L
Jewellery: Lena from Monkee--69L
Hair: Sasha from DrLife
Shoes: Suede Flower from Ravish Designs--99L


  1. mmmm yea, I like the top dress, love the warm colors which seem to absorb the ethernal glow emanating from the second life sun as it sinks into oblivion....

    But must you sit on that muddy wet ground with your new clothes? humm??


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