Friday, April 30, 2010


I was a little tickled by the name of this lovely dress--'Renewed Innocence'...innocent I may not be *hehe* (well, not anymore I think) but renewed I certainly am (at least for the time being). Thanks to the encouragement of some fellow bloggers and after having had a glimpse of the things that they too go through, somehow I don't feel so lonely anymore! And I totally agree with Chalice that we bloggers really need to support one another!! Smiley

Ok about this dress, actually I wasn't quite sure this shade of green would suit me, but I just loved the texture and style, and, of course, I lurrve that it comes with choker and pumps too! Plus, a couple of days ago Amacci sent out a copper-coloured giftie hair that seemed to go with this green, so I thought why not? Smiley

Dress: Renewed Innocence Emerald Dress (includes choker and pumps) from Hudson
Hair: Lil from Amacci--group gift

Location: Metatheria

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