Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Take on Plum!

I must really be enjoying Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge because I find myself looking out for the colour of the week whenever I go shopping now! *grin* This week's colour plum is one of my favourites, only problem is that after looking at so many shades of plum, I couldn't tell the differences among plum, purple and pink anymore though I still tried to look as 'plummy' as possible! (I even added plum-looking eyes)! Hope it looks ok somehow!

Top: Neglige from The Whore Mansion--50L (previous Fashion Addict special)
Jeans: Thrashed Skinny Jeans from auTre--subscriber gift
Hair: Milla II Plum from EMO-tions--group gift
Sunglasses: Big Pink Sunglasses from Split Pea--1L
Necklace: Blocks Necklace (colour change hud) from Phoebe (previous 60L weekend offer)
Bracelet: Marquessa Diamond Bracelet from EarthStones--group gift
Flats: Madville Flats (colour change hud) from Baby Monkey--MM gift
Skin: Milla from Lara Hurley Skin--10L (With Love Hunt)
Eyes: Stardust Eyes from Tou Fromc--30L (for 4 pairs of eyes)
Eyelashes: 005 for Viewer 2 from Garage
Poses: Slash Me Poses


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