Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Treats at Victoria Endsleigh Couture!

Weekend is coming and there's so much in store for all of you at Victoria Endsleigh Couture! There is a gorgeous dollarbie, beautiful new gowns and of course my favourite 60L items which I always look forward to! Here's a sampling...

Aquatic Fairy (includes headband; worn with Night Moves hair)--new!

Layers of Gold (includes necklace and hair)--60L

Satin Wrap Gown (includes headband; worn with Night Moves hair)--60L

Night Moves (hair and jacket included)--60L

Desert Sun Gown (includes hair, hat, lingerie,stockings, garters and skin not shown here)--60L

Apple Outfit (includes hair with headband, boots and skin not shown here)--60L

Poses: Exposeur
Taxi to Victoria Endsleigh Couture

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