Friday, November 26, 2010

Fierce Fun!

Fierce Designs has some really cute and fun costumes this Christmas season and I really enjoyed myself taking these pics too, especially with these equally fun poses from Slash Me Poses!

Snow Queen (includes rideable sled pulled by husky dog, animated whip, optional snow, cape, tiara and boots)

Candy Cane (includes stockings and shoes), Christmas in the Bag (with optional bounce animation), Horney Hanukkah (includes socks, shoes, hat, tiara and necklace)

Fraccy's Elf (shoes included), Tinsel Town (includes necklace and shoes), Bad Santa (originally for men but I shrank the outfit *grin*)

Peace On Earth Hunt gift (includes halo, wings and globe), Santa's Little Helper (includes stockings and shoes)

Nordic Wool Dresses (leg warmers and shoes included)

Taxi to Fierce Designs
Poses from Slash Me Poses (Thank you Claire)!!

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