Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday, my dear Erwin just reminded me that a few days back marked my one year of blogging and that I should have done something special about it. Yes, time sure flies and one year may seem like a long time to some, but to me it was like a twinkling of an eye, just the way I like it because I have always wanted time to pass as quickly as possible, though I know that that also means I will be getting older faster too and will soon have to be dealing with all the negative aspects of ageing. *grin*

But back to blogging, I must say it's been a wonderful journey, this past year, with lots of ups and downs, sweat and tears--I remember when I first started blogging, I received negative comments about my boobs being too big, and that my blog was not considered a fashion blog, etc.They were very hurtful, to say the least, and whoever said those things were probably miserable cowards hiding behind their computers and tearing at others who have done nothing against them just to make themselves feel better. I know I can't please everyone, but one thing I know, criticizing other people's looks and body is a no-no, especially when you find out that in RL that is exactly how they look like--big boobs, short, etc and their SL avatars are just a representation of what they really are in real. But thanks to a few kind souls in SL and in the fashion blogging world, I learnt to soldier on, improve (hopefully), and bascially blog what's from my heart.

Speaking of heart, I find that my biggest fulfillment and joy is to blog for designers who are, first and foremost, nice and kind people, who have potential to get better at what they are doing, or who are already very good but not very well-known (yet) for some reason. I know many bloggers blog only what they like, and I do that too, but I also blog to encourage designers, especially the up and coming ones who show a lot of talent even if they are not quite there yet (even this is subjective), and over time I have seen them improve by leaps and bounds! Like most bloggers, I am not paid for blogging, but when I see these nice designers getting the recognition they deserve (hopefully in part because of my blogging for them *heh*), the feeling I get is more than what lindens can buy.

So, there really is no need to do anything special or to celebrate my one year of blogging--to be able to look back now and rejoice at the good (and even at the not-so-good memories) and to have forged some really rare but firm friendships with a few fellow bloggers and content creators are all the celebration I need.

And of course, above all, I am always thankful to my dear Erwin, who first taught me the technical aspects of blogging (how to get started, how to use web albums, how to copy codes etc when all this was such a blur to a highly non-tech person like me *hee*), without whom there would never have been Crazy About SL Fashion, and who has been my greatest source of comfort and a pillar of strength through it all.  Thank you Erwin dear! xxxxx

New from LiNe!

LiNe is back with a new collection of super sexy mini dresses and super short mini skirt outfits Woot! I love the bright cheerful neon colours and the fact that there's such a wide range to choose from! These are some of my favourites...

Storm (includes two skirt options)

Lala & Suzy

Pirtik & Yumos

Poses: Posies
Taxi to LiNe

Thank you Zippir!

Paris Metro Grand Opening at Four Seasons!

Come join Paris Metro on Friday October 29, 1PM--2PM SLT for the Grand Opening at Four Seasons Plaza! Paris has specially designed a beautiful Silken Mountain gown which will be sold only at Four Seasons! There is also a gift gown Paris At Night in store for all of you! So see you there!

Silken Mountain (exclusive to Four Seasons Plaza)

Paris At Night (Exclusive Edition)

See you at Four Seasons Plaza!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Limited Offers and More at Lemania's!

This gorgeous ballgown and casual chic pant outfit are going at 100L each for 24 hours only, both complete with footwear, so don't miss them! I'm also showing you two out of four upcoming hunt gifts that Lemania has prepared--stay tuned for more info when the hunts draw near!

Everafter (includes gloves and shoes) from Lemania--100L (24 hours)
Pose: Made of Old Irregular Dreams from Modd--free

French Postcards (boots included) from Lemania--100L (24 hours)
Pose: Made of Glitter and Fog from Modd--free

Tweetie (includes pumps)--The Pilgrim Hunt 2 (coming soon)
Pose: Pengo Bay--free to use

Red Lipstick (includes stockings and boots)--A Shopaholic Hunt (coming soon)
Pose:  Pengo Bay--free to use

Fantastic Deals at Victoria Endsleigh!

Wow there are so many new dresses, gowns, lingerie and pant outfits at Victoria Endsleigh that you will really be spoilt for choice! Most come complete with skin, hair, accessories and some footwear which is what I love about Victoria's creations and many are sold at only 60L! I also love her store's new look and the serenity of the beach nearby, so I took all my pics there, including one in the toilet! *hee*

Fushia Faith Gown--includes hair, accessories and skin (not worn here)--60L

Dee--includes hair and skin (not worn here)--60L

Saturday--includes hair, lingerie, skin (not worn here) and even a dance anim!--60L

Shine--includes hair, accessories and skin (not worn here)--60L

Rodeo Drive--includes hair, hat and boots--60L (pic taken in front of Pink Shabbychic Wardrobe from Bella Mistwood at Victoria Endsleigh)

Princess--includes tiara, shoes and skin (not worn here)--60L

Catwalk Chic--includes hair, hat, necklace and skin (not worn here)--60L

Distressed Denim--includes choker and skin (not worn here)--new!

Hip and Chic--includes hair and skin (not worn here)--new!

Imagine Lingerie--hair included--dollarbie!

Poses: oOo, doll, Posies
Taxi to Victoria Endsleigh Couture

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Love with LoveCatz!

OMG I lurrrve this new collection from LoveCatz! And I love this interesting shade of green too! This bracelet and prim nail fat pack comes with different levels of brightness and two different bracelet styles plus quite a few prim nail sizes to choose from, including gloves that make the nails look better! For some reason, all the prim nails I ever tried could never work for me, so I was so delighted and surprised when these nails fit me perfectly! I'm definitely going back to LoveCatz, how about you?

Bracelets and Prim Nails: Deluxe Amazon from LoveCatz
Outfit: Yellow Thunder Booty from Badkatz
Boots: A La Rochel Boots from KPD--group gift
Hair: Elsa from kin
Poses: Made of Forest Animals and Folklore from Modd--free

Thank you Miaui!

Last Call for Cilian'gel Goodies!

OK everyone, this is the last call for Cilian'gel goodies before the month of October ends! There are hunt and MM board prizes, dollarbies, cheapies and more! Here's a quick look:

Nevermore Haunted Maze Hunt: 3 treats and 1 trick!
Got Skeleton? top--comes in white and black too (treats)
Scary Newbie Witches Head and Hat (definitely a trick)!
Taxi to Nevermore Island for the hunt!

Got Ghost?--group gift (tp here)

Left: Got Moon? (with 3 hat versions)--lucky board gift (latest release--limited time on the board)
Right: Got Voodoo?--Voodoo Doll Hunt gift

Left to right: Got Shield?--MM Board prize, Got Brew?--dollarbie, Got Kitties?--Bats & Cats Hunt

Got Caroll?--fatpack set for only 25L!! (includes 10 tops of different colours and lengths matched with black and blue denims in various styles too)!

Poses: Posies
Hurry down to Cilian'gel Boutique today before October comes to an end!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Ready!

Um..I think I'm finally ready for Halloween.....Smiley

Outfit: Halloween gift from Elegant Fashion--free
Hair: Halloween hair from Kin--free
Fur Muffler: from Avon + Alpha--free
Pose: Agapee

Monday, October 25, 2010

New and Old

Just a quick mix today of new and old stuff that I didn't have time to blog about earlier, so some items may not be available now but I just wanted to post them anyway...hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed preparing them!

Dress: Vina from Ivalde--group gift
Necklace: Butterfly Emerald from K & K
Hair: Tres from Simply Britnee (was 1L for Juicy's birthday)
Pose: Kyoot--free (thanks Xanthe)!

Dress: Daisy Dress from NMD--lucky chair gift
Booties: Ankle Booty from Toxic--Halloween gift
Hair: Cereus from Calla
Pose: Agapee--group gift (thanks Xanthe)!

Dress: Boo (includes stockings and belt) from Taylor Made--free
Booties: Ankle Boots from Taylor Made--free
Hair with hat: Max from EMO-tions--group gift
Necklace: Juicy Turns 3! from Twinkleberry--1L (for Juicy's birthday--not sure if it's still available)
Pose: Agapee--group gift (thanks Xanthe)!

Dress: from Glitter--500 members special gift
Pants: part of Acid outfit from Glitter--group gift
Sunglasses: Snooky Snookie Shades from Kennedy's--free (not sure if it's still available)
Necklace: Fire Necklace (includes top not shown here) from Heaven's Hell--free (not sure if it's still available)
Booties: Ankle Booty from Toxic--Halloween gift
Hair: Cereus from Calla Hair
Pose: dfo

FM Shoes is Back!

Puss n Boots in black

After a long break, Norman Maroon of FM Shoes is back (woot!) with a vengeance and with a new exciting laced-up range simply named Puss n Boots! These boots are just oozing with sex appeal and come in rich colour tones with keen attention to detail in textures and shading, just as in his previous collection! Also, Norman is offering a free upgrade to his new alpha version of the Paris boots range for anyone who had purchased them earlier! Just bring your original Paris boots to exchange for a free replacement! Here's the link to my previous blog on FM Shoes Paris Boots, just in case! (See here--scroll down to the third pic)

And now we continue with the Puss n Boots Collection!!

Puss n Boots in panto, wine, grey, red, tan and silver--all from FM Shoes

Thank you Norman! xxxx

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lurani Fall Collection!

One of my favourite brands Lurani just held a fashion show recently to showcase the new Fall collection, and boy what an amazing collection it was! I still remember the first time I was introduced to designer Gisele Mubble and saw her first collection--her unique fashion-forward styles and unusual silhouettes were already evident then and judging by this newest range, this is definitely one designer to look out for! Way to go, Gisele!

Aurotre (includes neck piece; shoes and bangles not included)

Barhelli Dress (jewellery not included) with Arieso Booties--sold separately

Belted Vines Dress (includes belt) with Arieso Booties--sold separately

Cheirobe (bangles not included)

Grey/Gold Sweater Dress (bracelet not included)

Grey Roses (jewellery not included) with Arieso Booties--sold separately

High Waisted Skirt Dress (accessories not included) with Arieso Booties--sold separately

Sahire Grey Sweater

Sweater Doll


Booties and all clothing from Lurani
Poses: Posies