Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Perfect!

These two dresses are just perfect for the weekend--Ruby Tuesday can be worn with a short skirt for an afternoon tea with your girlfriends or with a longer skirt for a formal do on a Saturday night with your beau while Brianna is a more laid-back style with its roomy breezy skirt which is great when you just want something comfy and pretty to laze around in...

Dress: Ruby Tuesday (includes bow, two skirt options and shoes) from Lemania--100L (24 hours only)
Hair: Classic Updo Blonde from Lemania--Lucky Chair only

Dress/Gown: Brianna-Brown (includes bracelet and three skirt options) from Ashli Designs--free (24 hours only)
Hair: Classic Updo Chestnut from Lemania--Lucky Chair only

Poses: Olive Juice
Location: Glanduin

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