Monday, October 25, 2010

FM Shoes is Back!

Puss n Boots in black

After a long break, Norman Maroon of FM Shoes is back (woot!) with a vengeance and with a new exciting laced-up range simply named Puss n Boots! These boots are just oozing with sex appeal and come in rich colour tones with keen attention to detail in textures and shading, just as in his previous collection! Also, Norman is offering a free upgrade to his new alpha version of the Paris boots range for anyone who had purchased them earlier! Just bring your original Paris boots to exchange for a free replacement! Here's the link to my previous blog on FM Shoes Paris Boots, just in case! (See here--scroll down to the third pic)

And now we continue with the Puss n Boots Collection!!

Puss n Boots in panto, wine, grey, red, tan and silver--all from FM Shoes

Thank you Norman! xxxx


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