Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

It was rather chilly today as I went for a stroll near the beach--though the gentle breeze from the sea felt good as it caressed my face and I closed my eyes briefly to soak it in, still I was glad I brought along my new stole from Avon + Alpha which was sent as a group gift. I don't particularly fancy featuring dresses that have already been 'blogged to death', so to speak, but this sexy group gift from A Piece of Candy is an exception because of the interesting shade of green and because of the way it made me feel warm and snug as it hugged my body, accentuating curves I never knew I had...

Dress: Mellie from A Piece of Candy--group gift (left sleeve was detached for these pics)
Stole with Sunglasses: from Avon + Alpha--group gift (includes different style options )
Bag: Brown Leather Hand Bag from K&C Fashion--free (for a box of goodies)
Shoes: Seta from B!Fashion (previously blogged)
Hair: Dana from EMO-tions

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