Monday, August 23, 2010

Leather & Sheer

My all-time favourite for formal wear has got to be Paris Metro! Like I said before, the designer Paris Zsun is always brimming with so many new ideas that I swear she doesn't sleep! And her ever-popular Leather & Sheer Gown in black (which I blogged about here sometime ago and I loved it so much I must take new pics of it!) now comes in new gorgeous shades of blue and pink as well! I just love the sharp contrast of leather against sheer, hard-edged versus soft, all beautifully woven together to create a continuous seamless flow....

Leather & Sheer Gown in Black

Leather & Sheer Gown--Sky Blue

Leather & Sheer Gown--Pinkie

All gowns from Paris Metro (Way to go Paris! xxxx)

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