Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Favourites

Today's post features some of my favourite designers who are not only creative and skillful in what they do but are also very generous as well as you can see from the quality gifts they send out. Just do a search and you will find that I have blogged about all these names previously because I just lurrve their creations! And it was such a lovely surprise to receive this beautiful dress from Nile Karas of Flowerdreams, I couldn't wait to show it off here! Also, I am soooooooo glad that Neferia Abel of Ivalde managed to fix her computer so she could come back online to create these two gorgeous dresses! As for GATO, I can never get enough of Lalu B's quirky and colourful designs! Oh and not forgetting the mostly free hair from LollipopZ and A Wild Hair and Miss Murder skins--what will I do without them? And finally, Michiko Avon of Avon + Alpha has just celebrated her brand's 1st anniversary this weekend, so don't forget to drop by at her new store for your dollarbie and gifts! Many kisses and a big thank you to all you wonderful designers (including all those out there in SL)!! MUACHHH!!!

Dress: Elidha from Ivalde--August group gift
Jewellery: 1st Anniversary (with colour change hud) from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Betty from Tekuteku

Dress: Ellie from Ivalde--July group gift
Jewellery: 1st Anniversary (with colour change hud) from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Vanilla (includes headband with colour change hud) from LollipopZ--previous MM gift

Long Dress: Anna from Flowerdreams Creations--group gift
Jewellery: Simple Jewelry (with colour change hud) from Avon + Alpha--1L
Hair: Sally from A Wild Hair--group gift

Dress: Ikea Dress from GATO--free (rebuilding gift)
Jewellery: Elissa from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Regina from Hair Solutions

All jewellery from Avon + Alpha
Skin in all pics: Mean Girls from Miss Murder--free

Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. Mistress these are absolutely gorgeous dresses and you are such an expert of taking pictures at the highest quality. I adore you baby, adore the ground that you are walking on my love.



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