Sunday, August 22, 2010

For the Love of Science (and Erwin)

I can't believe that tomorrow my dear Erwin and I will be celebrating our second year together! Wow, how time flies! So I went shopping for something that would excite and astound Erwin, but I got distracted (again) by this new hunt at GATO (yay!) called 'For The Love of Science'. Actually, I've always had a love-hate relationship with science as a subject, and for the life of me, I could never get my formulae and periodic table right! Ok anyways, after a whole afternoon of shopping, I still found nothing that would suit Erwin, but at least I found something for myself! *hee*

Dress: Love Science from GATO--For The Love Of Science Hunt gift
Bangles: from Veschi--free
Choker: Chained Link Collar from Shitz N Giggles--group gift
Hair: Natalie (includes colour-changeable hat) from EMO-tions
Boots: Bajtra Sweater Cuff Boots from !SSUS! (Thank you Rowan)!
Skin: Special Winter Skin from Miss Murder--This Week's Freebie


  1. But Mistress I understand about the hunt and the blog and all that. It's very important but have you already found the present for me?

  2. Ok here comes the translator again LOL!
    非常感謝你,我很高興你喜歡它!And Erwin, no I have not found anything, the lag made it so impossible to shop *grin*!


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