Friday, August 20, 2010

An Unusually Random Mix

Today's look is a random and unusual mix, literally--I was exploring this new section of Starlust sim (new to me, at least) when I came across Random Fashions (not to be confused with Totally Random) which sold lovely dresses and tops in my favourite bright and pastel colours! Then Michiko Avon of Avon + Alpha (one of my favourite jewellery brands) dropped this pretty jewellery set on me which happened to match all that I'm wearing today! This jewellery set is a new welcome gift for everyone, so don't forget to get yours at the new Avon + Alpha shop! Oh, and did I tell you about these shoes? Just click on them and they will emit these cute pink, purple and red hearts with short phrases on them! What an unusual and adorable pair of shoes, and with a name to match too! Definitely me! 

Top: Flor Orange from Random Fashions
Pants: Jersey Pants from Somapop
Jewellery: Dorp Amethyst from Avon + Alpha--welcome gift (Thank you Michiko!)
Hankie: Colorism Hankie from Colorism--free (for a pack of 8 assorted colours)
Hair: Idolize Xtra from LollipopZ--MM gift
Shoes: Moo's CandyHearts Platforms from !SSUS! (Thank you Rowan!)
Skin: Rave Girl Skin from Miss Murder--last week's freebie

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  1. OK using a translator here LOL!

    非常感謝你的支持!我很高興你喜歡我的博客!對不起,我不得不使用翻譯,我希望翻譯是正確的! (大聲笑!)另外,如果你喜歡我的博客,你也可以'按照'我的博客?我想了解我的讀者。再次感謝你!


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