Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zombie Killer!

Today I was down at the ZombiePopcorn sim to participate in the ZombiePopcorn Hunt that I had heard so much about, but I got distracted by this freebie gun at It's Cake, so I thought I would go zombie hunting instead! And some people even cheered me on along the way! *hee* I also decided to give my avatar a whole new look just for today..I call it the 'GATO' look, version at least.. *grin*

Outfit: Hottie Lollypop Shirt and Flowery Poofy Skirt from GATO at Designers' Boutique--50L
Jewellery: Enamel Flower Jewelry from Shiny Things at The Gnubie Store--free
Gun: Yummy Flowers n Fireflies Gun from It's Cake--free
Hair: KaoruA from [kik]
Shoes: Imperial Metallic Red from La MiLa Design--group gift
Skin: Dora from Beetle Bones--summer gift
Eyes: Eyes 06 from Dulce Secrets--eye giveaway


  1. This kind of quirky look is so me. I LOVE the skirt and am running to get that stuff as soon as I can get in world this week.

    The gun is awesome. I love It's Cake.

    This comment is a love fest, huh?

  2. Awww thanks so much Emerald, I sure feel the love! LOL! And hey, one can never get too much love! And yeah, I love this look too, quite a nice change from the usual stuff! hugssss and xxxxxxxxx!


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