Saturday, August 21, 2010


For some reason I feel so connected to this song, and today's look is a reflection of my mood...(more pics after the video)

Dress: Carnation (includes hair, headband and two skirt options) from Victoria Endsleigh Couture--60L (I love this dress so much I just had to buy it)!!
Jewellery: Diamond Tie Jewelry Set from Avon + Alpha--available at the new store now! (Thank you Michiko!!xxxx)
Shoes: Wine Cork Bow Wedges from !SSUS! -- I just love the cute bows behind! (Thank you Rowan!)


  1. *steals your cute shoes and runs!*

  2. /me smiles....

    lying here in bed, listening to the music, watching the beautiful pictures, trying to study the look in the eyes of your avatar, trying to listen to the lyrics... not just listening but decrypting every inch of what this song is saying, knowing you inside and out, knowing you better than anyone on this world, but sometimes, not enough. I want to tell you that I love you baby, deeply, and I wish I could make you feel great, absolutely great!!


  3. LOL Emerald, hey give those back!!! And Erwin dear, you're so sweet, as always! Muacchhhhhhhhh to both of you!!!


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