Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Desserts

I love desserts--the sweeter, the better! I know they aren't good for me, especially for my waistline *heh*, but hey, you only live once! *grin* And today's post happens to include two brand names which remind me guessed it...desserts! *hee* The two dresses from Sweeter Than Candy were bought with a group gift card, and even though they are not new releases, still I bought them because of the bright cheerful colours and design, and I also thought they matched well with the dangly gypsy earrings from LacieCakes. These earrings are really versatile, thanks to the revolutionary Evolve hud, which allows you to change not just the colour of the gem, but also the metal, and it comes with bling control too!

Dress: Allure from Sweeter Than Candy

Dress: Wrapped from Sweeter Than Candy

Having fun changing the gems...

...and the metals  Smiley

In all pics:
Necklace: Modern Necklace from PB Collection
Earrings: Gypsy Earrings (with Evolve Jewelry hud) from LacieCakes (Thank you Lacie and Caidence)!
Shoes: Spring Daisy from Clocktower Design
Hair: Sang from eha

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