Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Colorado Revisited

The other day, thanks to a notecard I got from Clockwork Design (which has become one of my favourite stores for footwear), announcing the start of a new hunt, I decided to pay a visit once again to Amiville, Colorado Springs where my dear Erwin and I had such wonderful adventures (see previous post here).

Outside the Sheriff's Office again where I had many um...fond memories...Smiley

Outfit: Spring Lace Rose from Rag Dollz
Hat, Choker and Gloves: part of Beatrice Teagarden Rose outfit from Rag Dollz
Hair: Twelve from Ali&Ali
Boots: Grace Boots Mauve from Clocktower Design--Strut Your Stuff Hunt gift

The hangman's noose against such beautiful landscape--what a sharp contrast, and what a good reason to behave! *grin*

Outfit: Lovely Wench from Rag Dollz
Necklace: Necklace For Lady Silver from D-Design--group gift
Hair: Julia from Ali&Ali

Now time for some unadulterated debauchery...Smiley

...and time to look for a new job!

Outfit: Peacock Twist (hair feathers, choker, stockings all included) from Rag Dollz--Strut Your Stuff Hunt gift
Hair: Tekesha from Ali&Ali
Boots: Laced Short Boots from FM Shoes

Location: Amiville, Colorado Springs


  1. Wow, it only occured to me now, your avi looks like the korean actress, miss Song Hye Kyo. ^^

    So pretty. ^^

  2. Awww thank you io! That was really sweet of you! I have not heard of Song Hye Kyo till now, so I went to check her pics on google LOL! Wow, she really IS veyr pretty! Prettier than my avatar for sure!LOL! And thanks for following my blog too! hugsss


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