Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catwoman Once More!

Today I get to be Catwoman once more! This time I remembered my whip but forgot my mask! *sigh* One day I'll get it right! Like most outfits from Immerschoen, this sexy leather catsuit comes with quite a few options--with pants for that no-nonsense don't-mess-with-me look or without for that extra oomph and attitude and the top also comes with a net version for those who prefer something a little more revealing. Such is the versatility I love!

netted top

normal top

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Leather Catsuit 'Brenda' (tattoo included) from Immerschoen
Choker: Key from EMO-tions--free
Gloves: Vivien Ring Gloves from YV Store
Hair: Alara from EMO-tions--group gift
Whip: Dragon's Tail Whip from Dictatorshop

Hair in the last 3 pics: Tamarra from Ali&Ali--group gift
Choker: Ring My Bell from EMO-tions--free
Boots: Gold Series-Black from Utopia

Skin in all pics: Venus from Nymph Couture
Poses: Tess and Celestia from [doll.]--ZombiePopcorn gift and Platinum Hunt (10L) respectively


  1. Mistress... I like it when you are no nonsense... but you already know that! WOW what an outfit and what pictures! Amazing cat woman you are.

  2. Love this look! And these pics are simply amazing :)

  3. Aww thanks Lila! I enjoyed taking these pics too! Just wasn't sure how they'd turn out:-))) xxxx


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