Sunday, August 15, 2010

More from Victoria Endsleigh!

The other day when I logged into SL, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful cocktail dress named 'Lisa' from Victoria Endsleigh (bless her) in my inventory! It has the sexy off-shoulder top that I have come to love about her designs, and the style, including two-toned colours with a darker shade below that flatters any shape is something that I would wear in RL too! Then there are these two lovely pastel gowns (again in my favourite shades) that are selling at only 60L for this weekend only! (Wow, I can't believe another week has passed! Time sure flies)! And what's more these gowns come with hair as well! Definitely my kind of designer!

Dress: Lisa Cocktail (hair included, also includes skin not shown here)
Necklace: Medieval Onyx and Silver Cross from Dionysia Designs--Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt gift

Gown: Cream Puff Gown (hair included)
Jewellery: Vintage Carnival from Dark Mouse

Gown: Victoriarose Gown (hair included)
Jewellery: Vintage Diamond & Pearl from Dark Mouse

All gowns from Victoria Endsleigh Couture (Thank you Victoria! xxxx)


  1. OOH - I love the last look! Love you as a glamour blonde!!


  2. LOL thank you, sure glad you liked it! I'm always a little unsure when trying on lighter colours because I'm just so used to darker shades:-))hugggggsssssss!


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