Monday, August 30, 2010

Monkey Business

Just 'monkeying' around today in this cute roomy dress I found at the GATO outlet which has lots of other equally adorable, discounted outfits and separates that I would lurrve to get my hands on but am forced to exercise some restraint or I'd be buying up the whole store! *hee* I thought I would match the dress with this lovely pair of candy pink shoes from !SSUS! which really lives up to its name of selling really unusual shoes that I don't find anywhere else in SL. Also, I lurrve this dollarbie hair from Vanity Hair in shocking lime which happens to go well (in my opinion at least) with the green-yellowish hue of the dress. Now I know today's look is not for everyone, but I just wanted to share this crazy quirky side of me, so I hope you enjoy it anyways! *grin*

Dress: Monkey Baggy Dress from GATO--50L
Earrings: Faberge Egg Jewelry Set from Ceriano Designs
Hair: French Connection (includes headband) from Vanity Hair--1L
Shoes: Rhubarb Maryjane Bow Platforms from !SSUS! (Thank you Rowan!)
Skin: Pink Bubbles Tan from Miss Murder--free

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