Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Favourites from L&H

This is probably not new to most, and I have seen some blogs in the feeds about this brand, but it was my very first time at L&H and I couldn't believe the number of group gifts there were on the wall! I grabbed all of them (of course! *hee*), but pity I only had time to take pics of my two favourites:

Dress: iLove Lilac Dress (includes mouth flower and frill top not worn here) from L&H--group gift
Necklace: Exotic Lilies Flower Necklace from Bel Canto--free
Hair: Desire from LollipopZ--MM gift
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes II Pink-Sapphire from MJ+DADA--free

Dress: Tomorrow Outfit (pearl necklace, hair accessory, fur cloak and fur bracelets all included)from L&H--group gift
Hair: Madrid from Simply Britnee
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes II Smoky Quartz from MJ+DADA--free


  1. Baby these are very nice pictures, well done!!

    Just that... well I don't know how to say it - but perhaps you can consider, I mean, .... what's the point of taking those pictures with this pacifier in your mouth?


  2. LOL Erwin dear, thank you but that is NOT a pacifier ! xxxx


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