Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy About Victoria Endsleigh!

I love 60L weekends because there are a few designers whose offers I always look forward to and Victoria Endsleigh is one of them. I think I have blogged quite a few times about this brand by now, and today I have even more pics from this wonderful designer who designs beautiful, romantic gowns with delicious plunging necklines and sells them at very reasonable prices! I mean, even if she didn't participate in the 60L weekend sales, I would still buy her gowns at the regular prices because there is such pleasure and joy unspeakable when I'm in one of her creations...

Gown: Samsara from Victoria Endsleigh--60L weekend
Jewellery: Bella Peridot from Avon + Alpha--new release at the new store! (Do note the new landmark)! Thank you Michiko!
Hair: Pirella from Ali&Ali

Gown: Loving Floral from Victoria Endsleigh--60L weekend
Jewellery: Four-Leaf Pink Set from PB Collection
Hair: NouNou from Ali&Ali

Gown: Antique Velvet (hair included! Also includes skin not shown here) from Victoria Endsleigh--60L weekend
Jewllery: Tango Set (texture hud included) from Puarangi Designs


  1. Oh these are absolutely gorgeous sweetie, very very nice gowns and also the quality of the pictures. No body, no one can come even close to your perfection, nothing compare to you, nothing!


  2. Aww thank you dearie, I know I'm perfect ONLY in your eyes:-))


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