Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eclectic Mix with New niciARTLINE Leggings!

Today's post is an eclectic mix of sorts, inspired in part by niciARTLINE's new range of stockings and leggings which comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit any mood! Here are just some of my favourites...

Top: Gift Shirt White from N'soul--subscriber gift
Skirt: India MiniSkirt from GATO--40L
Bracelet: Magpies Mirage Bracelet from Sari's
Leggings: Wool Design White from niciARTLINE--new!
Shoes: Strawberry Spewing Pumps from !SSUS!--lucky board gift
Hair: Sally (hat included) from EMO-tions
Skin: Special Fall Skin from Miss Murder--This week's freebie

Outift: Lavand Red from Kid Asia--50L
Leggings: Nylon Design from niciARTLINE--new!
Necklace: Anisa from Elphen-Made--subscriber gift
Shoes: Ultimate Kim (with texture hud) from Baby Monkey--Fabfree 15K gift
Hair: Serena from 3636--group gift
Headband with Feathers: You Stroke My Locks from Split Pea--1L (on the bridge)
Skin: Goodbye Norma Jean from Strumpet (50L for a pack of 4 skins)

Dress: Lacy from Random Fashions
Jewellery: Hibiscus Waterfall Set from Puarangi Designs
Hair: Madrid from Simply Britnee
Stockings: Strass#1 White from niciARTLINE--new!
Shoes: Easter Gift from Donna Flora--free
Skin: Mean Girls from Miss Murder--free

More of my favourite leggings from niciARTLINE!!

Muster Floral

Wool Design

Yeah Nici! xxxx

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