Sunday, November 22, 2009

Relaxing Rendervisions

Lately, I am beginning to appreciate the Emerald screenshots when I log in to SL because I am introduced to new and interesting sims which I wouldn't have heard of otherwise and Rendervisions Isle is one of them. The moment I landed here, I felt as if I had stepped into another dimension--a fantasy world where everything defies convention (just great for a rebel like me *grins*). The serenity of the place, the enveloping mist, the dark and light horse carriages, the quirky architecture (such as a shop in a gigantic flower, a house that sits on legs and a mechanical bee hive!) made it all sooooooooo surreal...

Dress: Iris from A La Folie--FREE!!
Hair: Brandy from Miss Tizzy's--FREE!!
Shoes: Exquisite Beauty (silver) from Minx
Earrings: Ailsa Opal and Silver Earrings from Pen's Gems--subscriber gift
Bangles: Special Stacked Bangles from Pen's Gems--MM gift
Necklace: Ribbon Sphere from Fairy Tail--FREE!!

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