Saturday, November 21, 2009

OMG Another Outfit by Erwin!!

Looks like my dearest Erwin has got hooked on designing women's clothes lately, and his creations are definitely not for the faint-hearted!! I mean, just look at this purple outfit he just made--it's translucent, barely hiding the nipples and the crotch area, the top is barely covering the boobs, and the pants are just skimming the lower half of the butt...mmmm....sure is yummilicious!!!

Oh and one more thing, I have been wanting to help 'spread the word' (as Anatalia Honi, creator of Posies, likes to say), and that is, she has a daily 1L pose from Mondays through Fridays until 8pm SLT, after which the poses can still be purchased at the normal price. So hurry down to Posies Main Store to get you daily pose fix!! I just lurveeeeeeeeee her poses, don't you??? Below are just a few samples....

Outfit: Provocative Clothing Very Low Cut Purple Outfit Pants from Xstreet (

Hair: Growing Hair from Wildcat (can you believe this hair can GROW??? LOL!! Trust Erwin to find something like this for me!! It comes with a hud so you can turn on or off the growth, adjust the speed of growth etc, and when it has reached maximum length, you have to cut it to allow it to grow again! Fun huh)?

Bangles: Thin and Thick Bangles from Topaz Square -- FREE!!! (These bangles even come with a colour hud for endless colour combinations)!!!

Necklace: Dragonfly Necklace from BD--FREE!!!

Shoes: MaryBelle (Mist) from ByKay--FREE!!!

Poses: 1L Daily Pose from Posies--previously 1L, but there are new 1 L poses everyday from Mondays through Fridays!!!

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