Friday, January 7, 2011

Shades of Pink

I fell in love with this week's 55L special from Finesmith Designs--a beautiful set of nails and rings and bracelets all in my favourite shades! Then I remembered I got this dress from the Demure Darling Hunt (honestly I didn't even know there was such a hunt, but it sure was a pleasant surprise!) that happened to match my accessories, so I put them together and got my first look of the day! Now regarding the second look, I must apologize because RL had been so busy in the run-up to the New Year that I didn't have time to blog about the Pointsetta Necklace and Earrings in hot pink even though I got them much earlier. Last time I checked, they were still available in various other colours, but are now sold at regular prices and hot pink is no longer on sale. But good news is, the other colours are equally pretty, if not more so!

Dress: Stacey Ripped from Static Clothing--Demure Darling Hunt gift
Necklace: Dreams from Phoebe
Bracelet: Moroccan Bracelet from Finesmith Designs--55L Thursdays
Nails and Rings: BrickRed from Finesmith Designs--55L Thursdays
Hair: Anne from Mikan
Shoes: So Chic from NCparis--Profile Pick gift
Poses: Purple Poses

Dress: Rosebud Mini Dress from R&K--free
Necklace: Elegant Pointsetta Necklace (hot pink) from B & D--was 10L
Earrings: Elegant Pointsetta Earrings (hot pink) from B & D--were free
Hair: Sashya from Damselfly
Pose: Marukin


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