Monday, June 7, 2010

Introducing Sascha's New Range!!

Sascha Frangilli of Sascha's has just created two new ranges of gorgeous dresses, and as always, there are many ways to wear them--for the Spotted Dick range, you can choose to wear the outfit with or without the coat, and for the Soinette range, you can wear them strapless, with straight straps or cross straps, belted or without, and there are five different skirt options to choose from that will take you from day to night! We are certainly spoilt for choice with Sascha's!

The Spotted Dick Range

Spotted Dick Beige

A closer look at the buckles...(I just lurrve buckles)!

Spotted Dick Black

The Soinette Range

Soinette Turquoise

Soinette Beige (more skirt options available)

Soinette Pink (more skirt options available)

With so many choices, it sure is hard to decide which one I like most--think I'll take 'em all! Smiley


  1. Erm...

    why would a designer name a dress as "spotted dick"? humm?

    Anyway you look like a million dollar, told you that on skype already yesterday, "the rich and the famous...."

    And I also love the innocent good girl look of the Soinette Turquoise dress - although you are so far away from that.... so naughty!!


  2. haha erwin dear, but I AM a good girl at heart! kissssssss!


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