Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exploring My Dark(er)Side

It's been quite awhile since I last visited DarkerSide and looks like the designer had been real busy! I had a great time exploring the store because now there's a mind-boggling range of new releases with cute hair at great prices, new gowns, skins and lashes too! Group gifts are also available, old and discontinued hair packs at rock bottom prices, a lucky board, a gorgeous dollarbie and a lovely hunt gift!

Gown: All I Need--Song Lyric Hunt gift (includes gown, choker, hair, hair accessories, shoes, skin and shape not worn here)...it's really all I need! hee...

Trying to get fresh...

Gown: Flourish Gown Gift--1L (includes gown, hair, head piece, shoes, skin and shape not worn here)

Gown: Flourish Gown in Blood--lucky board gift (includes gown, head piece and shoes)
Skin: Flourish Skin from Flourish Gown Gift
Hair: Colossal Black--group gift

Here's your limo to DarkerSide

Location: Creative Fantasy at Spellbound


  1. Hey LisaMun, thanks for the awesome write up about the goodies at my store, they look fantastic on you.the skin really suits your shape. Have a great day, and thanks again
    Darkandiel Bury c/o DarkerSide

  2. Hey Darkandiel,thanks for your kind words and thanks for following my blog! I lurrve your stuff, they are just fantastic!! And I am now also following your two blogs (gosh how do you manage??? lol ! ) and linked your DarkerSide blog to mine!! :-)))


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