Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Mix

This holiday season saw a plethora of wonderful gifts from generous and amazing designers all over SL, so much so that I was just not able to blog about them all, but here are two looks I managed to put together, hope you like them...

For some reason I feel a sudden urge to howl... Smiley

Dress: Blue Lagoon from American Bazaar--Lucky Chair gift
Jewellery: Twilight from Eden Beverly--Christmas gift
Hair: Artemis Angel Dust from Exile--Christmas gift
Skin: 2011 from Filthy--group gift

Dress: CutieChrmzMmm from Nspire--gift
Necklace: Devastation from Poison--group gift
Hair: Delicious from LollipopZ--Christmas gift
Skin: Alessa from Filthy--group gift

Poses: Agapee, Izumiya

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