Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Gorean Encounter (Part 1)

I had heard so much about Gor and its culture, though I have never read the Gor fiction by John Norman, that I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and brave my way through to the distant and foreign land of The City of Fina--probably one of the most beautiful Gor sims in SL.

From the landing point at the docks, I headed for the fortified walls of the city via the drawbridge (which looked quite forbidding), moving purposefully forward till I saw this sign below:-

Hmmm.....think I'm gonna like it here (grins)--Well, my primary objective here was to take pictures of the breathtaking scenery, and anyway, I thought since I was in this Gorean outfit which I chose specially for the occasion, I should be quite safe...

Outfit: Tribal (F outfit, white) from Ripped
Hair: Endra (dark) from Analog Dog Hair

But just in case, no harm carrying a dagger (which, thankfully, came with the outfit), as seen below:-

Then suddenly, there came this pretty little girl (well...a woman actually, and I found out later that she's the Head Urt of The City of Fina-an Urt being a Free Woman who has fallen on hard times...looks like this fictional world is not spared the economic crisis of the real world either)!

I took a good look at her and, of course, at her dress especially--hmmm...nice shade of purple, but, torn and tattered, sure looks like she's in financial hell ( I mean, anytime a girl can't get a decent dress, it's hell on earth--LOL)!

Dress on Delightful Demina (below): Purple She-Urt from City of Laura
Hair: Diva from Bewitched

But wait, what is this shiny thing at her side??? Oh my, it's a dagger! And a real cool looking one too! Might be a good idea to be friends (grins)... the saga continues.....


  1. LMAO---I am A Warrior in the City of Fina, and yes...the urt very much a delight. When you return to our fair city look up Ferghus Goldshark, I will take you on a ride on my Tarn!

  2. Why thank you in advance, Ferghus! I look forward to that day:-))


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