Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Chloe Petite!

Here's more of the new Chloe shape from Curvy Silhouettes which is exclusive to the new satellite store at Humby Mall and which I just can't get enough of, except this time it's the petite version of Chloe, still glam and yummy, but with a smaller bum!

Shape: Chloe Petite from Curvy Silhouettes (@Humby Mall-new satellite store) Thank you Xanthe! xxx
Skin: Bitzu Bodyshop gift from Bitzu--group gift
Top: Chalice's Lace Hanky Top from Graffitiwear--Chalice's birthday gift (Thank you and Happy Birthday Chalice)!
Shorts and Bangle: part of Gift for Summer from NCparis--group gift
Hair: Chiharu from D!va--more than 5000 group member celebration gift
Clogs: Kelligan Clogs from Sweeter Than Candy--group gift


  1. Baby,

    I love this petite chloe but I liked the previous bigger version even better - the one you were wearing one night when I logged to sL....

    picture is here -

    Something about the face, the physics, maybe the clothes? I can't tell, told you I can't separate things...

    your erwin.

  2. Yes, yes Erwin dear,I know which one you liked:-)) But this one is great too! Muachh!

  3. LOL! You two make me die! Aww man this is a beautiful post! Pics are exceptional Lisa! Thank you soo much! Oh btw....I have removed any reference to "Urbanity" due to a possible conflict with a brand called "Urbanity" although my shop is located on the "Urbanity" SIM. Confusing I know! Just for the record I have absolutely NO connection with this label whatsoever. Anyway, if you could change the details so as the location reads "Humby Mall". That would be great. Sorry for the confusion but hopefully that settles matters. Thanks again for lovely post! Hugzxxx

  4. ohhhh ok np Xanthe, will change the details right away! and glad you like this post! xxxxx


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