Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chloe in QQ!

Quennye Quinnell of QQ Fashion is one designer with a big heart who has been giving out freebies but lovelies for as long as I can remember (check out my previous posts under 'QQ Fashion'), and since I'm still in my 'Chloe' phase, I thought I would dress 'Chloe' in QQ's newest freebies today!

Outfit: Lolu Yellow (belt included) from QQ Fashion--free
Hair: Mari (hat included) from kik
Sunglasses: Optino2 from Kumaki--free
Boots: Cyberia from Deviant Designs

Gown: Stephanie Red (gloves, necklace and belt included) from QQ Fashion--free
Hair: Kanaco from kik

In all pics:
Shape: Chloe Petite from Curvy Silhouettes (@Humby Mall-new satellite store)
Skin: Bitzu Bodyshop gift from Bitzu--group gift


  1. Oh I loved the first picture - Wowwww....

    I just can't believe my eyes -

    You mean you were really witnessing the landing of a UFO? did... did they talk to you? was in SL? for real?


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