Saturday, March 3, 2012



Revolution Turquoise from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only! Other colours are also at 100L Special for 24 hours)
Zoey Hair from ChiChickie--new!
Clover Necklace from WTG--group gift
HS-Desire-Muse-The Seeker Skin from Heartsick--Twisted Hunt gift
Pose (SinnedGirlGlut) from EPIPHANY--new! (EPIPHANY is an all LIMITED animation/pose store. All products are only sold 20 times, or if not sold out by a month in time of its release the product goes into retirement and still will not be sold ever again. Owner Anatalia Honi was creator of the former Posies poses which I still use to this day! Congrats on your new store Anatalia)!

*There will also be a Best Friend Hunt dedicated to Lestat Reuven's mother and best friend (9-25-39 to 3-26-11--bless her soul) from Sunday 18 March to Saturday 31 March at Siss Boom, with hunt items priced from 1L to 50L. Just look for the cream tulip!

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