Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Xanthe Audeburgh of Curvy Silhouettes did it again!! She just created another delicious, yummilicious shape called Amber which she wanted me to preview. Once more, I matched the shape with both dark and light skin tones just for the fun of it (although Xanthe suggested I used Alyson skin from Belleza but I didn't have it) and this time I did not ask for any modification whatsoever because I just love it the way it is! So beachboys, here I come again!!! *LOL*

Here is Amber shape with Asuka skin from Lara Skin (group gift), Kaori hair from H2L and Oops! pink bikini from Short & Sweet Designs.

And here is Amber shape again this time with Lovespell Eternity skin from Cupcakes and Aya hair from H2L.

Well, as for the beachboys, there sure were plenty of IMs, and, like I said in my previous entry, there were MORE IMs than when I was in my slimmer shape!! (Ok Erwin dear, if you're reading this, I did not, I repeat, DID NOT respond to any of their IMs.. so rest easy *winks*)

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