Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Lovely Gowns

Honestly, if not for Ketlin Clarity, I would have missed these two beautiful gowns from ElaCor, one of my favourite brands which I had blogged about extensively (see posts under: Some ElaCor Favourites Parts 1-- 4). Thanks Ketlin!! xxxx

Gown: Monica from ElaCor (hair accessory included)--MM gift
Hair: Dafne from HOH at FabFree--free
Jewellery: from Wetherby's (with colour changing gems, two necklace options, matching ring and bracelet)--48L

Gown: Viktoria from ElaCor--MM gift
Hair: Serafina from Bishwear at Savoir Hair--free
Cigarette: Dame Cigarette Holder from Bogart's--free


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