Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amazing Alpestyle and Koko Hair!!

It's been quite some time now since I had blogged about Alpestyle, by the talented Alpes Boccaccio; the previous one was in November 2009 (see under 'Absolutely Alpestyle' at -- wow, how time flies)! But the pics then really didn't do justice at all to the Gala dress and accessories I must admit:-((. Well anyway, today I decided to match my first four pics with hair from Koko--and boy what great customer service I got from Koko's owner, Akira666 Rieko (don't be deceived by her seemingly ominous numerals there, she's FAR from evil!! *grins*). She responded to my queries immediately, and even came down personally to cater to my needs, and I went home completely satisfied with the two types of hair I got from her--thanks much Akira!!!xxxxxx!! By the way, Koko is not just a hair shop, there are lots of cute dresses too! And do join Koko's update group because there will be an official opening in a few days' time with all kinds of great stuff!! I just can't wait!

Here I'm wearing Madonna (sunglasses and accessories included, NOT the bike though *lol*)from Alpestyle and Shannon hair from Koko.

Below I'm wearing Skully (scarf, socks, gloves and accessories all included) from Alpestyle, Cholie hair from Koko (just adore the twin buns!!) and biker boots (gift from my dear Erwin-thanks dearie xxxx)!!

Now, where did I drop my contacts???

Darn it, now I can only sit here and wait for help...ERWINNNNN!!!!!

Getting hot here.....and where's Erwin??? (Good thing my eyesight ain't that bad even without contacts...)

Here is a bright orange ensemble simply named Orange *lol* from Alpestyle and 025 hair from my all-time favourite White Well.

Well..I'm famished now with all that waiting !!! Food, glorious food!!

And here's the um...friendly village cook (Just wish she would put that rolling pin down)!!

And finally (though I still have much more from Alpestyle in my inventory), I have Giorgia here below
which I matched with AMI hair from YunA (thanks to Tesh who woke me up from my nap (!!!) to tp to this god forsaken place which I had never heard of only to find myself behind the lucky board wall *LOL*Sure hope that's not how Tesh usually teleports (hehe)--but strangely enough the lucky board loved me and I was awarded not just once, but three times! LOL! And poor Tesh was still waiting for her turn after I had gone back to my nap!! Awww thanks Tesh all the same!! xxxxxx)

Ahhh.....c'est la vie!!


  1. Hi LisaMun, wassuup my sista! You look lovely in all these pix + such kickass fashion finds!! Keep it up + huuuuge hugs + kisses!!


  2. hey thanks Tesh for the encouragement, you're the greatest!! hugssss


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