Thursday, January 7, 2010

Floaty Dresses

There's nothing like lovely floaty dresses to make one feel all-innocent (ok at least in looks *grins*) and girly, like your regular girl-next-door, and of course I love it all the more when I don't have to spend a bomb on them!!

Dress: LODEFEE Cocktail Dress from L.C. Fashion--10L
Hair (in all pics): 058 from White Well
Shoes (in the first four pics): Anais' Karine (comes with colour hud for shoes, skin and nails)--gift from my dear friend Miko (Thanks again Miko!xxx)
Jewellery (in the first four pics): Meringue Collection (all sold separately) from U&R

Dress: Silvester from Badoura Design--gift

Dress: Dorothy Lace Dress (wine) from JE*Republic--lucky board gift
Shoes and Bangle: from MJ+DADA--gift
Necklace and Bracelet: part of Diamonds Are Forever (ruby) set which also includes matching earrings from Elisabeth's Store

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