Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love LaRosa!!

If there is one thing I love about LaRosa, it's the fact that many of their outfits are complete sets, meaning, I don't have to spend time mixing and matching, though I know some enjoy coordinating their clothes and accessories, but I have always been too lazy for that...*grin*...and now with their winter sale on where practically everything is only 30L, I just had to drag my dear Erwin along to replenish (or rather, replace) his almost non-existent wardrobe *LOL*!! Unfortunately, as a result of that 'forced' shopping spree, Erwin was in no mood for photoshoots (though I had hoped to show you what the men's section offered..darn)!

This first outfit caught my eye instantly because (you guessed it) it came as a complete set *grin* and also because it had a rather French chic look, and when I saw the name of the outfit, it simply said 'Casualwear French' :-)) This outfit even includes hair in two colours!!!

This next one is a fun look and a complete set again, with the option of removing the hoodie and sweater to reveal a sexy mini dress underneath (but here in these cold surroundings I was in no hurry to shed the outerlayers :-)). This outfit is called 'Winter Princess' and it also includes hair, this time in four different shades!!

The outfit below is called 'Wool Rose' and it comes with the cap and boots but without hair this time, so I matched it with Kiki hair from Karma.

And now I am going back for more LaRosa !!

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