Sunday, January 3, 2010


When I came across Curvy Silhouettes Shapes by Xanthe Audeburgh, I was immediately struck by the beauty of the faces she created and the bodies of real women that looked both cute and yummy!! I scanned the shop and just could not decide which one to buy, I mean, they were all fantastic!! So I finally settled on this beautiful shape Saffron, and then I experimented with two different skins: a darker shade (which Xanthe used on her poster) and a pale shade, just to see the difference. My conclusion? Whether dark or pale, I still love Saffron!! And I was also reminded of what I learnt from young, that whatever shape, colour etc, we are all beautiful in God's eyes:-)))

Oh and one more thing, which is the MOST important to me, is customer service--I think in all of SL, I have not come across such great customer service as Xanthe's--she spent more than half hour just to modify my shape to my heart's content, and remained cheery and bubbly as ever!!! And the modification is all FREE!!!

Ok, here are the pics:

This is Saffron shape from Curvy Silhouettes Shapes, wearing Mimi skin from Gatti, eyes from MAI (free) and hair from OH (group gift):-

Here is Saffron shape again, this time with Asuka skin from Lara Skin (group gift), Slate eyes from Oceane's and Zinai hair from Ali&Ali (free):-

Bikini worn in all pics: Outrageous from AXE Wear (gift from Erwin.. thank you dearie!! xxx)
Earrings in all pics: gift from CCD
Ring in all pics: Calla Lily from JCNY

And just in case you're interested to know, I got more IMs from the men on this beach when wearing this shape than when I was in my usual slimmer shape!!!

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  1. Dearest baby,

    You look soooo yummy in this shape and skin, Gawwd you are sooo sexy. Maybe, I mean perhaps you can consider to possibly stay in this shape forever?

    But regarding the IMs from men on the beach - it's... well - what were you talking about? What did they want?




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