Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Precious Collection

I've been a fan of Agnes Finney's My Precious line of beautiful gowns for as long as I can remember in my SL life, and her gorgeous ballgowns always ensure that I make a grand entrance everywhere I go, and that's why her creations are really precious to me indeed. So imagine my dismay when one day I found that SL had 'swallowed' some of my inventory (again) which included my favourite Agnes Precious Princess pink ballgown!! *sigh* Anyway, besides the gowns which have made Agnes Finney synonymous with elegance, opulence and grandeur, she also has a variety of dresses in various styles, displaying her versatility as a designer. There are also regular sales of specially priced dresses and gowns for members and the general public. But no matter what the price, anything this precious will always be priceless to me...

Gown: Christelle (Cerulean)--1L for new members

Dress: My Butterfly Princess--5L for members

Ballgown: Vera (Champagn)

Dress: Godiva (blue)

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