Saturday, March 27, 2010


Stranded in Butterdish...

Dress: Marchesa from PB Collection--60L
Jewellery: Spire from Faceted at the Accessory Fair 2010
Hair: La Vie En Fleur LeeZu!--free
Shoes: Darcie from Baby Monkey


  1. Omg Fabuulooooooousssss shots Lisa!xx

  2. Baby you asked me to make sure my comments shall be related to the clothes so I will do my best. As for this set I find that black and white or let's say the monochrome looks with it's simplicity stands out among other color schemes. This dress looks smart, crisp and it sure does illustrates how one can re-work the contrast and the endless game between the yin and yang of black and white. I think that black and white stands the test of time as you can expect the vivid colors of this season not to last to the next season. Now how about that for a comment? huh? Muuuaaachhhh :) love you.

  3. Aww thanks Xanthe! Actually I liked the scenery more than the pics of my face LOL!! And thank you dear Erwin for your um...detailed analysis of the clothes and fashion trends--most impressive I must say LOL! A big MUACHHHHH!!! to both of you!!


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