Monday, March 22, 2010

Ripped Dollarbies!

Ok I know some people will wonder why on earth anyone would wear something that looks like plain, shoddy workmanship, or worse, resembles the aftermath of an assault! And I know there are also others who will say that with all the ripped out parts, no wonder these are dollarbies (for them, this is a rip-off!! hee)!! But we all know that fashion is never quite logical (it defies logic in fact, if not, why would otherwise sensible and intelligent women wear heels so high that they know will hurt their joints and backs in the long run??) and that it is so subjective that one man's meat truly is another's poison indeed! Anyway, love or hate them, for me, the lovely colours are what attracted me in the first place, and that more than makes up for the 'missing' material!!

Dress: Orange Ripped Dress from Pretty Stick--1L
Hair: St Ann from Uw--free
Shoes: Ultimate Renee from Baby Monkey
Bangles: Flower Power Bangles from Puarangi Designs--1L (for a box of accessories)
Necklace: Ayanna Omega Necklace from Rhiamon's Realm

Dress: Lana from Together Inc--1L
Hair: Popo from DrLife
Shoes: Sophia from Magia--20L
Bangles: Play7 from Elemiah Design--1L
Necklace: Pink Cream Pearl from Elemiah Design
Easter Bunny: Easter Cutie from MB--free (subscriber gift)

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