Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beningborough Beauties

Everytime I wear a gown from House of Beningborough, I truly feel like a Beningborough Beauty, which also happens to be the name of the group tag:-)) There's nothing boring about the gowns and there are always lovely surprises with every collection...

Gown: Hummingbird from House of Beningborough
Hair in all pics: Melmo from Mikan--1L (Thanks Xanthe for telling me about this shop! I just don't know where you get all this information from, but from now on I shall appoint you as my hair consultant!! *LOL*)
Jewellery in all pics: Circles Silver Set from Aether Life Shop

Gown: Raffles from House of Beningborough


  1. What do you mean by you appoint Xanthe as your hair consultant? What about me? What about the hours, the days, the weeks that we were standing in our skybox and you were changing those wigs and saying "how about this? now,.. how about this one? And this one, and that one" and I said my ... opinion... I consulted you!! although they were all quite the same. huh? what about me??? me??? me???

  2. LOL Erwin, yeah you can be consultant for 'other' things ok? muachhh!


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