Sunday, March 7, 2010

More HOX Favourites

Lately, I seem to be wearing dresses from HOX everywhere I go, even to a recent fashion show I attended with my dear Erwin (who, as usual, was bored to tears with such functions *grin* but was sweet enough to oblige anyway)...

Here we are at the fashion show, with me wearing Princess Dress (10L) from HOX which is in one of my favourite pink shades, *20 hair from Barberyumyum, Karen earrings from KessKreations and Domino Pink shoes from B! Fashion, while Erwin looks absolutely dapper in this Silk Blue suit from one of his favourite men's stores Sartoria (which I have also blogged about some time last year--see 'Sartorial Delight' ).

A closer look...

And here I'm wearing Spring Stripes Dress which is a group gift from HOX (just love the cheery colours), Moonwalk booties from Magia (60L), Karen earrings from KessKreations again, Sole Fook leather bracelet from Sole Accessory (SIM open anniversary gift), Towa hair from MB (free) and the cute Mini Box Bag is from Izumiya (free).


  1. yes, I remember when you took that pic...

    "erwin, a little bit to your right, no no, and don't bump into me, for goodness sake, ok, left, left, that's it, good, now stay like this now will you"

  2. LOL Erwin! That's why there is only one pic of you:-))

  3. you two are soo cute together! :))))


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