Sunday, December 13, 2009


For me, the most exciting thing about shopping is the aftermath--or rather, the unpacking of the various bags and boxes I bought or collected and, of course, the trying on and the mix-and-matching--so here goes...

This adorable little green number is a Christmas gift from Cilian'gel, shoes and hat included, and the short hair is a lucky board prize from D!va. The shopping poses are from Attituede and the hanger with top are included too and only for 1L!!

Next is a beautiful black dress with purple sash--a gift from Indyra Originals. I matched it with a group gift--a pair of purple Tango shoes from [AV] Vlodovic and Kurukuru hair from Shop Seu. The crate which I used as a table is free from Vignette and the writing pose (including pencil and paper) is from Attituede--25L for a box of mixed poses from old promos, group gifts and hunts.

Here below I'm wearing a cute Xmas Mini Plaid Dress (10L) from Sweeter Than Candy (comes with two skirt options), green shoes from Deviant Designs (member gift) and Passion hair from Argrace. The kite and poses are from Attituede (25 L for a box of mixed poses from old promos, group gifts and hunts).

Lastly (for this entry) I am wearing a cute blue dress from Sweeter Than Candy (welcome gift), Spica hair from Tekuteku (one of their latest releases), Gemma Stilettos from VDI, poses from Encemble (pocky pose, pocky and pocky box included-free) and Attituede (kick it--10L).

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