Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Time for Us

After a hard day's work, there's nothing like a nice bubble bath to rejuvenate before a big night out (well I'm relaxing while poor Erwin is mopping) LOL!! Doesn't he look yummy wrapped in that towel that barely covers his um....essentials? Wonder what would happen if I give that towel a little tug? *wicked grin*

Here I am wearing Naughty hair from Tekuteku, relaxing in Aroma Prime Bathtub (demo version) from Prime Roscana. The basket of towels and glass soap holder are November dollarbies from Rugs and Art and the candles are gifts from Jazzy's Home Furnishings. Erwin's towels are created by Shiene Rockett, but unfortunately we were unable to locate her shop or xstreet address at the time of publication, and Erwin's mop and pose are called 'Posebility--Housewife' from Posebility (mop included, and only 1L)!!!

Finally we are both ready for the big night out!! Here Erwin is wearing Tailcoat Black (comes with various tail, jacket and pant options) from Styles of Edo while I chose to wear Magnete (coral)--an elegant ballgown in vibrant colours from Clio and Gloss hair from Tekuteku to complete the look.

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