Monday, December 14, 2009

Still Unpacking...

While I was on my Christmas shopping spree, I came across this adorable Happy Holidays Go-Round from Firefly-just touch it and it turns!! Also, on each side of the gigantic tree, there are huge Christmas items with poses (candy cane, snowman, for example)--I just had to get it! And it's free too!! Just take it easy with the spinning though or you might get too dizzy...

Dress: Cutie Pie from Velvetrythms Designs--Christmas gift
Shoes: Single Colour Bow Footsie (fern) from S@SS
Hair: Sasha from Deviant Designs--member gift
Necklace and Earrings: Xmas Tree set from Pen's Gems-group gift

Dress: Blossom Minidress from Silkdreams--FREE!!
Brown Boots from Artesfatta--FREE!!
Hair: Winter Nights (hat included) from Vignette--FREE!!
Scarf: Cherry Scarf from Artesfatta--FREE!!

Dress: Drapped from Vita's Boudoir--subscriber gift
Shoes: Black Logo Shoes from B! Fashion--FREE!!
Necklace: Link Necklace (includes commands to turn particles on/off) from Fairy Tail--December gift
Hair: Fly from Tekuteku--one of their latest releases
Pose: Kiss the Frog (includes frog *grins*) from Attituede--5L

Outfit: Daria from Donna Flora--necklace, earrings, belt, jacket and stockings (not worn here) all included--only 1L!!
Hair: Julie from Uw--FREE!!
Shoes: Gifted (black) from Heart & Sole--100L special price

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