Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Shopping

There's nothing I enjoy more than shopping with the one I love during Christmas, and it's not just because he can carry the shopping bags for me either (though that sure helps--LOL)!! Here I'm just piling on the shopping while poor Erwin is getting swamped!! He's such a dear.. *grins*

On me:-
Outfit: Pink Wool from Earth & Sky Designs (black dress included)
Boots: Latex Boots from The Dominion Femdom Fetish Shopp-Fetish gift box
Stockings: from Allusions
Hair: Ring from Tekuteku (one of their latest releases)
Earrings: Great Gold Hoop Set from Basalia's Baubles & Bangles

On Erwin:-
Scarf: Hooded Scarf (with different style options) from Argrace--FREE!!
Top: With You (white) with sleeve options from Argrace
Jeans: part of S055 SARTORIA SORRENTO SUIT 2 from Sartoria
Cart: Fun Blue Animated Shopping Cart from Xstreet
Shopping Bags: Sculpted Shopping Bags (modifiable) from Xstreet

Ok, what's next on the list?

Oh how I love shopping!!!

Ahh...time to rest our tired feet (and arms) *hehe*

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