Monday, April 5, 2010

More Paris Metro!

RFB Morpork (also known as Rose) of Paris Metro has done it again, this time with a new store (Paris Metro at Paris 1900) and with even more of the gorgeous luxurious gowns that have become synonymous with the Paris Metro brand!!

Dress: Inside the Painting Dress from Paris Metro
Jewellery: Sunburst from Faceted--(1L for necklace, 1L for bracelet and earrings)
Shoes: BeBop from Baby Monkey--free (lucky chair)
Hair: Venus from HCT

Gown: Dotted Amour from Paris Metro--free (CGH Hunt gift)
Jewellery: Night Tinker from Shine Jewellery
Hair: Micah from Exile--free

Gown/Dress: Venti Cup Gown and Mini from Paris Metro
Jewellery: Tainted Set from Rhiamon's Realm
Hair: 037 from White Well

Location: Ishi


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